Episode One- Introduction to the Ray Harryhausen Podcast

Join Collections Manager Connor Heaney and Foundation Trustee John Walsh as we bring you the first episode of the Ray Harryhausen Podcast!

An introduction to Ray’s archive, interspersed with exclusive interview clips from the man himself. We discuss aspects of the collection which stand out for us, as well as some of our plans for #Harryhausen100, a celebration of Ray’s centenary in 2020.

Listen in for an exclusive competition in which one lucky listener will have the opportunity to win a copy of Ray’s book, ‘A Life in Pictures’.

Episode Two - Influence and Legacy

Join us for Episode 2 of the Ray Harryhausen Podcast, as John and Connor discuss the incredible influence that Ray’s films had on a generation of movie goers.

Stay tuned for another #Harryhausen100 competition!

Episode Three – Earth vs the Flying Saucers

Episode 3 of the Ray Harryhausen Podcast sees us celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1956 classic, ‘Earth vs the Flying Saucers’. Join us as we discuss the context of the film, the special effects on display, and its fantastic legacy six decades long.

Collections Manager Connor Heaney and Foundation Trustee John Walsh are accompanied by classic clips and sound effects from the film, as well as interview footage from Ray Harryhausen himself.

Episode Four – QA

Episode 4 of the Ray Harryhausen Podcast sees John Walsh answering your questions! Join us as we investigate various aspects of Ray’s life and work in depth, with a special prize announced for the best question at the episode’s end.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think on our Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Episode Five - One Million Years BC 50th Anniversary Special

Episode 5 of the Ray Harryhausen Podcast celebrates the 50th Anniversary of ‘One Million Years BC’. Released in 1966, this film has gone on to be one of Ray’s most recognised and memorable projects.

Join Foundation trustee John Walsh and Collections Manager Connor as we discuss the film, its actors, creatures and legacy. Interspersed with exclusive clips taken from a previously unreleased commentary with Ray Harryhausen and Martine Beswick, this is a must listen for all fans of this prehistoric epic!

Episode Six - Vanessa Harryhausen

Join us for an exclusive interview with Ray Harryhausen’s daughter Foundation trustee, Vanessa Harryhausen!

In this fantastic interview, Vanessa discusses what life was like growing up with a special effects titan. Packed with anecdotes, this entertaining conversation provides a unique insight into the life and work of one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. With exclusive clips from a previously unreleased commentary for ‘The Valley and Gwangi’, recorded with Vanessa and Ray in 2012, this is a must listen for all Ray Harryhausen fans!

This special interview has been recorded to mark what would have been Ray’s 96th birthday. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information on our #Harryhausen100 initiative!

Episode 7- Clash of the Titans 35th Anniversary Special

Join us for a celebration of one of Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved movies, Clash of the Titans!

2016 marks the movie’s 35th anniversary, and this extended podcast discusses the film’s creation and legacy. Clash of the Titans was to be Ray Harryhausen’s final film, as well as his biggest and most action packed project to date. Foundation trustee John Walsh and Collection Manager Connor Heaney explore the film’s impact in 1981 as well as its lasting legacy, with previously unreleased clips of Ray discussing the movie. Packed with anecdotes, personal recollections and revelations from Ray’s archive, this show is a must listen for all fans of Clash of the Titans, Ray Harryhausen and classic cinema.

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Episode 8- Into The Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction

Foundation trustee John Walsh interviews Neil McConnon and Patrick Gyger from the Barbican Centre in London about their new Science Fiction exhibition planned for Summer 2017. Featuring models, objects and artwork from Ray Harryhausen’s science fiction movies, we discuss Ray’s place in the history of the genre.

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